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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Hijab Pin Tutorial

Here is one of the easiest hijab pin you will ever make. Make them for family and friends, make them with family and friends.

You will need: straight pins- get the longest ones you can find or have already

 a pin cushion- to hold up the pin while working

 nail polish- in any and all the different colors you wear or want your pins to be

Bonus: loose craft or makeup glitter

Now you can go out and buy these items or you can use what you already have.

First: place a few pins in the pincushion-I am using clover 1 3/4 in quilting pins, they are long and sturdy, they don't bend easily, they are sharp, and they are not to thick so they won't leave holes in the hijab.

Second: paint the pin heads in the desired colors. I am using Wet n Wild-Black Creme

Third: Let the nail polish dry only for a few seconds, until its tacky.

Fourth: Dip the pin head into the glitter. I am using makeup glitter, Wet n Wild #774 pink pussy cat

You can also take multi colored pins, cover them in clear polish and dip into matching glitter. The sky's the limit. 


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